Why should I use a dashcam?


Using a dashcam (dashboard camera) can offer several benefits and advantages, making it a valuable tool for various situations. Here are some reasons why you might consider using a dashcam:

1. Evidence in Accidents: Dashcams record real-time footage and can provide crucial evidence in accidents, helping to determine fault and liability, which is beneficial for insurance claims and legal purposes.

2. Protection Against Fraud: There are cases where people intentionally cause accidents to make fraudulent insurance claims. Dashcams can help you prove your innocence and protect yourself from such scams.

3. Improved Driving Behavior: Knowing you’re being recorded can encourage you to practice safer driving habits. You might become more conscious of your speed, following distances, and overall behaviour on the road.

4. Documenting Road Trips: Dashcams can be a fun and easy way to document your journeys. You can capture scenic routes, memorable moments, and unexpected events.

5. Preventing Vandalism and Theft: Some dashcams have parking mode features that activate when the vehicle is parked. If someone hits your car or tries to break into it, the dashcam can record the incident, helping you identify the culprit.

6. Monitoring New Drivers: If you have teenage or inexperienced drivers in your household, a dashcam can help you monitor their driving habits and provide constructive feedback for improvement.

7. Capturing Rare Events: Dashcams sometimes capture unique and unusual events on the road, such as meteor sightings, wildlife encounters, or accidents that you wouldn’t believe without visual proof.

8. Professional Use: For professional drivers like truckers, taxi drivers, and rideshare drivers, dashcams can be essential tools for protecting their interests and providing evidence in case of disputes with passengers or other drivers.

9. Insurance Discounts: Some insurance companies offer discounts to drivers who use dashcams because they can lead to quicker and more accurate claims processing.

10. Peace of Mind: Knowing that your journeys are being recorded can offer peace of mind. You’re better prepared for unexpected situations and have a reliable record of what happened on the road.

Remember that dashcam usage laws and regulations can vary from region to region. Always research and understand the legalities in your area before installing and using a dashcam. Additionally, properly position and install the dashcam to ensure it doesn't obstruct your view while driving.

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